Free Downloadable Video Files on Chinese Traditional Culture & Buddhism!

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The Three Teachings
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A close look at China's tradition teachings of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

Secrets of Chinatown
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What is all that stuff in Chinatown? What does it mean? Learn about it here!

Zen in China
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A look at the resurgence of Zen ("Chan") in modern China. Two recent South Mountain tours.


All About China
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A complete look at Chinese history from start to end. This is a nearly one hour presentation. Remember everything here and you're almost a true "China Hand."

California, USA -- "South Mountain China Tours" offer unique, attractively priced, China tours that provide special insight into the origins and current situation of China's traditional culture, arts, and religions. We specialize in tours that explore and study Chinese culture. We also examine China's three traditional teachings, namely Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. We also do tours with special themes, such as history, gardening, textiles, art, architecture, ceramics, sculpture, and more!


School Trips


Interested in a tour for your high school or university? Call us for information.


Independent Travel


Travel On Your Own! Low Priced Independent Travel in China!

We give you all the tools you need, suggest great itineraries, and can provide local or national guides according to your exact needs! Call us at 1-800-952-1967 and find out how easy and economical it is to discover China's secrets as an independent traveler.


Designed by true China experts, South Mountain Tours give you the China that you want to see--the sights, the people, and the panorama of history and culture of this ancient and exotic civilization. We prepare you with our own DVD entitled "All About China," two-plus hours of rich documentary content that prepares you with the background stories and secrets that make your trip informed. The DVD will prepare you to enjoy your trip like no other method can.


Our "All About China" DVD


Our "All About China" DVD prepares the traveler for their China experience. We cover/examine major dynasties, religious figures like Lao-tsu and Bodhidharma, poets such as Li Bai, plus the famous generals and others that you'll see in museums, gift stores, temples, shrines, and other places throughout China. Click on the "About China" DVD link above to learn more details.

Editor: Wang Xinyu
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Free Downloadable Video Files on Chinese Traditional Culture & Buddhism!
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