Please hear the voice which from our deep and true life
07-24-2018    Buddhist Studies
<STRONG><EM>Thank Master Xuefeng contribute&nbsp; this essay.&nbsp; Master Xuefeng is the head of the Shaolin Chan Centre, a part of the&nbsp; De Guo (Germany)&nbsp; Shaolin Temple He had practiced Chan sitting for a long time, and had&nbsp; intense interest at&nbsp; Chan.</EM></STRONG> 

<P align=center><STRONG>The language of humanity</STRONG></P>

<P align=center><STRONG>Master Xuefeng</STRONG></P>

<P>Buddhist Studies,January 11,2007</P>

<P>I will not speak of the language of the humanity in connection with its physical and organic conditions, also not of the variety, the richness and the fullness of its possibility of expression, not of its privileged state in the choir of the voice in the universe. </P>

<P>The German language has a word, leading to the point, where human voice changes in divine voice: Gewissen (conscience). If the rhythm of human forces of feeling and mind will come disorder, then god is speaking to the men in this language.</P>

<P>Many, too many of us have not wanted to hear and learn it. The experience is at it is. Many of us have learned it in lectures extraordinary and difficult. They know the serious and paternal voice; they know the helplessness, the state of mind, which is like a mask of the deaf and dumb, who does not hear and speak entirely the human language.</P>

<P>Many, too many of us have lived as deaf and dumb men. The wonderful success of mens thinking and energy, at the large domain of technical and chemical works had made them perplexed and hopelessly, had confused the rhythm of their hearts and minds. They were driven by the meanest and greediest instincts in the whirlpool of absolute deafness and blindness.</P>

<P>Time has come, that the connoisseur of both languages, of the human and divine, must speak freely and openly.</P>

<P>We must not become again deaf and dumb men (Gewissenlose C unscrupulously men). Otherwise our existence as men is done for. </P>

<P>Also the picture of the eternal vigorous language, human and divine C that means the history of nations C are more than an interesting field of ruins, of destroyed cultures. It is the monumental document of the language imperfect and without conscience (unscrupulous = gewissenlos) and of the language with conscience (conscientious = gewissenhaft). </P>

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