Ven. Qiming: Blendedness is Peace

Ven. Qiming: Blendedness is Peace


Ven. Qiming


Abstract: Themed around the notion "blendedness" of the universal outlook of the Dharma Realms in Buddhism, this paper starts with non-obstruction between principle and phenomenon and then expands to cover the blended realm of non-obstruction between phenomenon and phenomenon; it also uses the metaphor of the "Realm's Gate of Indra's Net" to provide a recapitulative elaboration on relationship and  between nations, sentient beings, sentient and nonsentient beings, thereby demonstrating that there exists an interwoven relationship between sentient beings, between nations, man and nature. All dharmas in the same background of the existence are equal, interrelated and blended in an "Indra's Net" realm which is invisible yet functioning.


However, Buddhism stresses a high unity between material dharmas and menta (citta) dharmas and between the human world and the physical world; "peace" is merely an extrinsic form, and what matters is the values that transcend worldly interests; extrinsic peaceful visions must depend on the purification of the human mind itself; no real world peace would be possible unless human beings could expand their mental outlook, accommodate all dissents, embrace the world, make a good affinity with others, and achieve peace and quiet in the human mind; in other words, the key to the current issue of world peace is that human must overcome and eliminate fundamental anxieties of human beings, such as greed, hatred, jealousy and ignorance, and achieve total sincerity and kindness; only in this way can extrinsic sincerity, peace and unity evolve; can a peaceful and auspicious prosperity of "the world as a family and others and I being the same" emerge; and can the universe become more harmonious and blissful.


All in all, all problems arising from the modern civilization of science and technology can be attributed to the insatiable desire of human beings, which has led to unlimited human expansive behaviors, including wars, destructive weapons and exploitation of resources. This unbridled greed and limited wealth have resulted in unequal distribution of wealth worldwide, intensifying conflict between, and frequent repetition of vicious cycles, eventually leading to invasion, hegemony, wars and other conquering actions. The holistic concept of "nonobstruction between principle and phenomenon" and "non-obstruction between phenomenon and phenomenon" undoubtedly has tremendous theoretical value in resolving international disputes and discrimination and purifying and enhancing people's mind, and will play a significant role in improving the world environmental, checking the expansion of desire, and bringing greater peace and equality to human beings.

Editor: Wang Xinyu
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