Tang Zhongmao: Contemporary Implication of Buddhist Perspectives on Equality
<P align=center><STRONG><FONT size=4>Contemporary Implication of Buddhist Perspectives on Equality</FONT></STRONG></P>

<P align=center><STRONG>Tang Zhongmao</STRONG></P>



<P>Buddhist perspectives on equality represent a fundamental principle of Buddhism. It not only reflects the way of stepping into nirvana, but is embedded through actual experience. In essence, it is based on the doctrine of paticcasamuppada (dependent origination), and has established an absolute equality. The interpretation of Buddhist outlook of equality and its implication will surely shed lights on the following.</P>

<P>First, from the perspective of the social and international relations, the Buddhist outlook of equality will contribute to the development of international, intercountry, interpersonal human relationships based on equality and harmony. Buddhism maintains that equality is not based on force, but should be based on respect for the dignity and right of others. Only through mutual respect and equal treatment could peoples live in coexistence peacefully.</P>

<P>Second, from the viewpoint of contemporary democracy, Buddhist perspectives on equality, especially Buddha -- dh¨Ħtu can provide with rich intellectual resources. Equality of Buddha -- dh¨Ħtu implies every human being could eventually develop benevolence equal to the Buddha through reflections and practices. Therefore, it applies to all human beings.</P>

<P>Third, in view of the challenges posed by globalization, the Buddhist perspectives on equality reminds us that only through bridging of human gaps, respecting difference and helping each other, could human beings be interdependent and live in peace.</P>

<P>After all, Buddhism believes that as we sow seeds of peace in our minds, we could reap the fruits of peace. And when we reap, we could transform the environment around us, and we could then change the environment and transform the world in the end.</P>
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