Wen Jinyu: Harmonious Society Needing the Support of Harmonious Systems

Harmonious Society Needing the Support of Harmonious Systems


Wen Jinyu




The National Development and Reform Committee has issued the INFORM on Touring Sights Concerning Religious Activity Giving Special Treatment on Entrance Ticket to Religious People, in which the core spirit is to give free tickets to the religious people when they come to the touring religious sights. The issue of this document has an important actual meaning.


Firstly, it is a great attention and respect to the citizens' rights of faith. The Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government have promoted the freedom of religious belief to and treat it at a political level, showing a harmonious diversity. If the Constitution's provision of citizens' religious freedom implies the determination of religious right, this document means an actual implementation. The document distinguishes the religious people from the normal tourists, and confirms the affiliation statuses of religious followers. It is the acceptance and respect of citizen's religious belief and the confirmation of the religious opening, effectiveness and rightfulness in the public of society.


Secondly, alleviating the conflict of groups and defending the harmony of society. Because religious places belong to many units, the conflicts resulting from buying tickets becomes more and more, some even change into harsh conflicts. The pilgrimage of religious people is a kind of "coming back home" in religious meaning. The issue of the document is the emphasis on religious people's religious heart and feeling, reflecting the Chinese government has profoundly realized the religion is a mass phenomenon and society existence in the public field.


Thirdly, regulating the management of price and putting an end to the money collection by using Buddhism. The phenomenon of developing economy by taking advantage of religion is serious in some regions. Religion has become a society problem. This phenomenon disturbs the normal religious activity, cheats the religious feeling of the religious people, takes up Buddhism's religious sources, and makes unreal phenomenon of religious belief. The issue of the document will effectively limit the development of the phenomenon.


The real harmony of society means a helping of each other between national right and public right. It is a perfect combination of national management and people's selfmanagement. When discussing the relationships between Buddhism and the construction of a harmonious society, we should not only be aware that the spirit in Buddhist theory such as wit, harmony, karun, equality, combination and open minded, but also know that the harmonious society needs the guidance of policy as well as the safeguard of the system.

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