Beijing Longquan Monastery hold Buddha Bathing Dharma Assembly
01-15-2016    Longquan Monastery

Beijing Longquan Monastery hold Buddha Bathing Dharma Assembly


During the Buddha Bathing Festival Dharma Assembly, Longquan Monastery held a one-day Dharma Practices activities


Beijing, May 17 (Buddhist on line) The Buddha Bathing Dharma Assembly of year 2013 was held at Beijing Longquan Monastery on the day which is the auspicious birthday of Fundamental Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha.


In the morning, with the sound of bells and drums going simultaneously at the scene, the Sangha and Laypeople welcomed the statue of Prince Siddhartha. They also chanted the Sutra on the Origination of Cultivation and Hymn of Praising Buddha etc., and bathed the Buddha statue with fragrant water. In this way, people sincerely commemorated Shakyamuni Buddhas merits and kindness.


In the afternoon, after the ceremony of transmitting the Three Refuges, the laypeople together with the Sangha chanted Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra -the chapter of North East.


During the Buddha Bathing Festival Dharma Assembly, Longquan Monastery held a one-day Dharma Practices activities which including the activities such as transmitting the Eight Precepts, thirty five Buddha Repentance Ceremony,chanting Diamond Sutra, reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha and circumambulating Amitabha Buddha, liberating ghosts dharma service and so on.


All these things are in order to encourage students to cultivate their mind, repent sin, purge body and mind, and develop faith in taking refuge in the Three Jewels.

Editor: Gao Li
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